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6/3/2019 - 6/7/2019
Expiration Date:
Florida Panther Performance Center Combine
- Location – Panther Ice Den
- Duration – 8 Weeks (2 “4 Week Sessions”)
- Dates: (1 Week break from July 1st – July 5th)
o Full Session June 3rd 2019 – August 2nd 2019 (Sessions A and B)
o Session A – June 3rd 2019 – June 28th 2018
o Session B – July 8th 2019 – August 2nd 2019
- Days – Monday – Thursday
o Times
 10 – 14 U (4:00 – 5:00PM)
 16 – 18 U (5:00 – 6:00PM)
• Friday is 4:00 – 6:00pm Open Training and Practice Testing
- Sessions
o 4 Testing Days (2 In Session A and 2 in Session B)
 Dates:
• Session A (Jun 14th / Jun 28th)
• Session B (Jul 12th / Aug 2nd)
 Testing includes
• On Ice – Full Gear
• Off Ice – Athletic Gear
o Non Testing Days – 1 Hour sessions for each age group
o Total – 36 Training Sessions / 4 Test Sessions = 40 Total Possible Training Sessions
- Pricing
o Week to Week – 75.00
 There is a 1 week break from July 1st – July 5th

- What is a Combine?
o A sports combine is usually a combination of certain sport specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength and skill level depending on the sport. These abilities and information are put on display for coaches, scouts and whomever would be interested in watching the evaluation of the athlete. For the athlete, it is a chance to display your abilities, speed, strength and skill set for a specific sport. It involves some kind of weight lifting (Age Group determines this), agility drills, sprinting, explosiveness, reaction time, hand eye coordination, conditioning, and depending on the sport, a set of specific sport drills. Example for hockey would be a player’s skating speed, control, foot work, shot power / accuracy, etc. This gathering gives me the opportunity to meet the hockey players, speak with them in one-on-one situations and examine what they are capable of off and on the ice both physically and mentally. After the Combine, I gather all my reports and pass it on to the coaches so they can see where the players currently are.

- How can this help my Child / Teen Athlete?
o The 8 weeks of training will be unlike anything these athletes have seen. Attending and participating in this Combine, your athlete will get stronger, faster, and be more proficient on the ice than ever before. No NHL player has ever gone on to be great without proper off ice training. I am here to create ELITE athletes. This combine will help them be the best they can be. The head coaches of the JR Panthers team will get full reports of each player that attended and see the dedication, changes, and work they put during the offseason. In addition to the training, we will talk to all those participating in the combine about nutrition and food intake to help make sure your athlete is taking in the right food items to help them recover from their workouts and games.

 ALL Players that attended our 2018 combine that tried out for FJP this past season had the highest overall evaluation grades for speed, strength, endurance, and explosiveness for their respective age groups.

I am looking forward to working with all of you. This is a great and rare opportunity to get your youth hockey player into the best conditioning of their lives. Do not miss this opportunity.

Thank You,
AC Colin
Head Of Athletic Performance
Florida Panthers Ice Den

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